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Logo&Name Card Design FinTech

Dear Design community, Students
I am a Startup Founder and currently looking for support to design a simple but nice word based Logo from my company. Ideally I want a Logo and a name card design. My companies name is Yourasset. I have some ideas about the simple design by providing an overview about Peer Logos. The Logo should basically be the Name of the Company. Important are the Fonts and the Colours. Then I want a logo, which is used for the App or as short version, that should be a single Letter or two, or a bit more creative, thats why I am here. As for the name card, it would be nice to have the information on the front side and a catch slogan with catchy colors on the back. Play with the word Yourasset itself. I provide an overview of sample Logos of my peer group in the FinTech industry. I really like the simplicity. The focus should be on the Companies name, Yourasset, itself. In addition to the name brand, I would like to use a short Logo, see Wirecard- the W or Klarna the K., or Revolut the R, or PayPal the PP for an App.
As for colors I like the blue of Revolut or PayPal. But I also like when its shaded with two colors, see the Bloomberg Logo. I would prefer Blue into Green, like the Adyen green. For the short logo, please show me your creativity. It can be the Y or YA, or Y. or something else. I also have some ideas, which I can share with you, once you came up with the first drafts. Further to a logo I would want the design of a name card as well. Let us discuss at a next step. Thank you all! If you have questions, pls also ask. I will be paying attention to the design contest. I am the CEO and Founder of this company. Thank you, Stephan

It will be nice if one of you can support me with this. I am also willing to pay some money for it, which will have to be discussed individually.

The visual rights will be transferred to me entirely by its completion.

Name: Stephan Kolz
Telefon: 0764466833