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Designathon Digital Event

In times of physical distancing the Designathon invites you to a digital social gathering!
As you maybe already know we set "power" as the overall topic for this years Designathon. In these times we are spending a lot of time on our own and we’d like to invite you to come up with ideas surrounding yourself. We are keen to hear what interests you. In this very first digital research we’d like to get more in-depth into «the power of the individual». It might be your body, soul, identity, gender, age, emotions, loved or unloved people and things around you. What does power mean to you and how can you empower yourself?

Because many parts of the world are locked up, we want to build a platform for connection! Therefore we organise an unconference with no borders together with our partners in crime Urban Equipe.

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting day where topics are chosen by you and other attendees. In other words, we invite you to form the unconference at the same time as you are participating - to learn, teach and discuss together. We only define some basic structure around it.

How do we do that?
We will start at 9:30am Central European Time +01:00 with a digital call together with a coffee or tea at home. If you haven’t done already, you have time to come up with a proposal for a topic.

Then there will be a small introduction of the topic "power of the individual". Followed up by collecting your questions and subtopics that you want to discuss. So if you want to tell the audience some of your thoughts or present a project you did surrounding this topic or if you just have an urgent question that you want to discuss with an international audience, your welcome to present that. After collecting all inputs we vote together and select nine of them.

From there we will split off into groups and dig deeper into the topics that interest us the most. Each group will discuss and give their presentation. When we have finished the last discussion in the individual groups, we meet again all together for a feedback round and to say goodbye around 2pm!

The event is free but registration is needed limited spaces available. Google link is on the flyer.
Till then – stay safe, keep calm and carry on!
We would love to see you next week.
Your Designathon Team

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